Kinderoase - Who

Alexandra Gomez - MANAGEMENT

born: 15.09.1966, Vienna


Language Lycée

Business School, Commercial Science

Art therapy


ongoing courses and trainings in dance, consciousness, perception


Family: 2 children


Creativity is GREAT in my life, both as a personal expression and as a philosophy of life. As a therapist and coach, my goal is to remind people of their inherent potential.

I "took over" the kindergarten from my aunt who founded it and was a club clerk. I will continue to lead it in the best sense to provide the children here with a basic, loving and appreciative base for individual development.


The freedom of the children is very important to me, the physical movement, daily fresh air in the garden and the nearby parks, as well as a balanced, vegetarian diet. As much spiritual "food" as possible - we speak English with the children daily, regularly attend theatrical performances, have their own pre-school program and maintain a necessary curiosity of the children with constantly changing projects.


The good interaction within our team and with the parents is very important to me.