Kinderoase - who

Anja Muthesius - COOK

born in Hannover (Germany)
Abitur, teacher training
Mother of five children
Grandmother of two grandchildren
Training in Shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage, LomiLomi
Training in nutrition on the five elements
Cook in the Waldorf School Bonn
Since 2013 in Austria, since 2016 in Vienna
It is important to me that children eat healthy - but they should like it, too. Because otherwise they do not eat at all and then it is uninteresting how healthy the food would have been. My way of cooking is strongly influenced by Chinese dietetics and Ayurveda. In both systems, it is believed that there are few opportunities to get sick when behaving according to nature and its rules.
Cooking according to these principles does not mean that you should eat Chinese or Indian food. The food is simply selected to suit the one or the person for whom cooking is done. Particular emphasis is placed on the food to suit the season and the weather.
Vegetarian food is cooked in the Kinderoase and we take into consideration children with food intolerances.