Kinderoase - Who

Laura Lobmaier - Kindergarten PEDAGOGUE

My name is Laura Lobmaier, I am a kindergarten pedagogue and the youngest member of our team. 

I graduated at the Bildungsanstalt für Elementarpädagogik (BAfEP) in June 2018. 


The time right after the Matura seemed optimal to expand my horizons and to perfect my English skills during a stay abroad. So, in September 2018, I accepted a position as a Aupair in London, a decision I had not regretted for a second! I looked after three children aged one and a half, three and a half and five years, and was responsible for all matters relating to their nursery and kindergarten. I quickly learned to keep a cool head in stressful situations! 



The time with my Aupair-kids made it very clear to me that working as a kindergarten pedagogue its just right for me! Kindergarten is one of the most important and defining stages of life, laying the foundation for physical, emotional, social and educational development. With great passion and joy I accompany and support the children on their way!