Kinderoase - Who

Stephanie Zöttl - PEDAGOGICAL HEAD

Dipl. Kindergarten teacher


Dipl. Life and Social Consultant specializing in educational counseling


Even as a teenager, it was clear to me that working with children was an enrichment. After school, I completed the Bakip extra-occupational and worked for some years in a Waldorf kindergarten and "Kinder in Wien" (KIWI). Above all, I was able to deepen and expand my approaches from reform pedagogical concepts.


In the work with the child, I put a special focus on the relationship. With regard to school enrollment the principle of strengthening your strengths applies to me. Only in this way can the joy of learning and development be preserved. As a teacher, I am there to be ready (through creativity, materials, attentive listening, child-centered work ...) to accompany every child in the best possible way. For me, a regular exchange with the parents is important because they are experts of their child. Only in this way can we create a spatial, emotional and social environment in which a child likes to unfold.



"The task of the environment is not to mold the child, but to allow it to reveal himself."