Kinderoase - Current

What a theater...

 After our child observations we found that acting and dressing up is a strong need in our group at the moment.

For this reason we decided to set up a theater area and try out the JEUX DRAMATIQUE theater concept with our group.

Since this was a new area for us too, we first had to inform books and talk to  from other pedagogues. :)

Every beginning is difficult ... but after a few hours of theater we found out exactly what our children need and how a jeux unit should be planned.

Many disguises are now active in our group. In addition, the area serves as a HIDING SPOT, which we are very happy about.

After each jeux round, we reflect together what they liked most about it. Here is a small excerpt:

" What did you like?"

"That I was the queen"

"Ah, and what did you like about it?"

"That I can determine!"

... wonderfully honest ... we adults can still learn something from this! :)