What a tHeater

 After our child observations we found that acting and dressing up is a strong need in our group at the moment.

For this reason we decided to set up a theater area and try out the JEUX DRAMATIQUE theater concept with our group.

Since this was a new area for us too, we first had to inform us...read books and talk to  from other pedagogues. :)

Every beginning is difficult ... but after a few hours of theater we found out exactly what our children need and how a jeux unit should be planned.

Many disguises are now active in our group. In addition, the area serves as a HIDING SPOT, which we are very happy about.

After each jeux round, we reflect together what they liked most about it. Here is a small excerpt:

" What did you like?"

"That I was the queen"

"Ah, and what did you like about it?"

"That I can determine!"

... wonderfully honest ... we adults can still learn something from this! :)

our home office

Through child observations, we noticed that the children are increasingly acting out office situations. Telephones were crafted and they telephoned all day.

For this reason, we have converted a part of our group room into an office. Together with the children we designed the signs and found a place for all the material.

In order to bring the topic to our laboratory, we built a cup phone. So we can now talk on the phone ALL REAL through the entire group room.


- Acting out what they have experienced

- Questioning the adult world

- language training

- Confrontation with numbers and letters

- Promotion of social skills