Educational Concept

As a team at the children's oasis in Weimar, we assume that the children have already everything they need for learning. We perceive them as competent people and take their emotions and experience realms seriously.


Talking to each other and getting to know their own skills is our top priority.


The urge to move is also one of the basic needs for us, which should find its place in our elementary educational institution.


Our goal is to create a framework with the legal guardians in which the children attain resilience and can happily devote themselves to learning.


How do we do that?

  • Weekly child observations documented in writing
  • Creation of a weekly schedule which is fitted to the needs of the children and supports them in expanding their curiosity and skills
  • Experienceing self-efficacy by encouraging the children to be independent in conflict resolution but also in everyday situations
  • Project work
  • Children's conferences
  • Weekly gymnastics lesson and forest days from spring on
  • Development talks with the families
  • Team training